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You've reached jay vyas' github page. You can follow me on twitter here : @jayunit100
Or contact me at my email address : j a y [at] a p a c h e . o r g

For projects etc, see my linkedin :  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayunit100

You also might like to use Here's my public key! ... or  my ASF PGP key for collaborating with me. 
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA6VfBKd6hqd5h7k5f+AtjJSV1hdW5u9/3uAolK3SD2/5GD9+rn+FMSdbtkeaKuuVJPi2HjnsVMO+r8WcuyN5ZSYHywiSoh4S7PamAxra1CLISsFHPYFlGrtdHC70wnoT7+/wAJk2D3CYkCNMWIxs5eR0cefDOytipBfDplhkJByyrcnXuhI8St3XJzpjlXu454diJOxfsk6axanWLOr/WZFmUi1U6V4gRE7XtKG9WFUm1bmNgkgd7lehKzi+isTjnI+b4tnD0yIzKFcsgIvLdGJTI6Lluj33CeBHIocwu0LbvowTyYSqhP6DzGhGuKfK9rMnJh/ll0Bnu1xf/ok0NSQ== Jpeerindex@doolittle-5.local
My thesis is here, but a better version (just pictures) is in my blog . My PhD thesis on data mart federation for analysis, visualization, & knowledge extraction from the proteome
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